Quick and easy skin checks, at no cost to you!

This year at Hamilton Island Race Week we have teamed up again with Beard Season and the Queensland Institute of Dermatology (QIDerm) to offer quick and easy bulk-billed skin checks.

Beard Season is a non-profit charity run by Jimmy Niggles Esq. A bloke you might have seen around the docks and dinners at previous race weeks. He's been growing his beard ever since his friend Wes Bonny passed away from melanoma - Australia's national cancer. Everyone he meets because of his rich mahogany neck mane he has challenged to get a skin check. To the point where Beard Season now saves an average of a life a week! So this year, he is absolutely thrilled to be offering you and your crew this ambitious, new initiative.

The skin checks will be conducted by QIDerm’s qualified Dermatologists and will take about 10-15 mins. Our Dermatologists are world renowned and have over 100 years of combined experience in skin care. These kind of expert consultations usually cost over $200 so this is a very special opportunity, especially for sailors who spend so much time in the elements. Don’t worry if you don’t have a valid Medicare card, you can have a skin check for a heavily discounted price of $75.00.

QIDerm is also a non-profit charity and a teaching institution who have been diagnosing and treating patients with skin cancer and other skin conditions for over 23 years.

About Beard Season Pty Ltd

A not-for-profit charity turning beards into lifesaving conversation starters, challenging you, your friends and your family to become an Ambassador and have a #BeardSeasonSkinCheck. Beard Season is a global movement made up of tens of thousands of ambassadors who are helping their message grow stronger every day.


The Queensland Institute of Dermatology is the only not-for-profit organisation in our State that is dedicated to providing expert care to patients through a facilitated learning facility (QIDerm). Our goals are: To find better ways of managing skin conditions by developing new treatments for dermatological disorders; to provide expert skin care services to all members of the community regardless of age, gender, financial status, race or nationality; ensuring that future generations receive a high level of dermatological treatment options through education; and to broaden our range of services for patients to receive better care. The support of our Queensland Community allows The Queensland Institute of Dermatology to achieve their goals.