Food, fun, fashion On shore events

Hamilton Island Race week is a fun and exciting week filled with both on-shore and race-based events - ranging from food markets, to fashion events, cocktail parties and even beach yoga.

On Shore Events Calendar

The Hamilton Island Race Week 2021 on shore events calendar will be announced in early 2021. Take a look at the 2019 on shore event highlights below.

Why guests love Hamilton Island Race Week

Hammo is a regatta where the whole family can go. They can get involved in the racing or if not there are other activity’s they can do. Sailing around the islands is ideal and great for everyone to get together. I’ve done nearly 30 of these regattas and can’t remember having a bad one.
2018 Hamilton Island Race Week Competitor

Strong competition, fair placement in the appropriate division, well organised and great communication regarding racing.
2018 Hamilton Island Race Week Competitor

The work that had gone into the handicaps this year was the best since I have been competing.
2018 Hamilton Island Race Week Competitor